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This specialty expects to provide the student of the necessary tools for the calculation, design and testing of machines. The students will also analyse dynamic phenomenon as the mechanic vibration, and will be able to study the conformity of pieces and systems for the intern transport of materials within an industrial environment.

Responsible lecturer: Jordi Martínez



Subjects             Semester  starting September           Semester  starting February
Machine Elements Calculation (compulsory for the specialty) Q1 Q2
Mechanical Vibrations (compulsory for the specialty) Q2 Q1
Mechanical Design (compulsory for the specialty) Q3 Q3
Machine Testing Q3 Q3
Conformation Systems of Pieces Q3 Q3
Machine Design Methodology Q3 Q3
Sistemes de transport intern Q3 Q3

This specialty allows the option to make the Double Master's degree in ETSEIB with the Master's degree in Automotive Engineering.