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In the speciality of energy, the student will receive a wide training about different technologies as renewable sources, nuclear power, and thermal machines. The student will also learn to design and calculate equipment and cooling and refrigeration systems, and manage the energy chain to achieve greater efficiency.

Responsible teachers: Carme Pretel, Josep M. Morancho


Subjects                           Semester                                      starting September                                   Semester                    starting February
Renewable Energy (compulsory for the specialty) Q1 Q2
Nuclear Power Plants (compulsory for the specialty) Q2 Q1
Management and Energy Efficiency (compulsory for the specialty) Q3 Q3
Climate Control and Refrigeration (compulsory for the specialty) Q3 Q3
Extended Thermal Machines Q3 Q3
Thermal Equipment Design Q3 Q3

This specialty allows the option of doing the Double Master's degree in ETSEIB with the Master's degree in Nuclear Engineering.