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Double Masters ETSEIB

Double master ETSEIB 

The Master's degree in Industrial Engineering allows the option of being able to do a double degree with the following masters of the ETSEIB. Although the Master's degree in Industrial Engineering has two periods of initiation (September and February), there are two possible academic itineraries and different periods of pre-registration.

Places offered to begin in September (academic itinerary):


Places offered to begin in February (academic itinerary):


    To study the double master's degree ETSEIB, the candidate must only pre-register for the double master's degree and pay the corresponding fee of 30.21 euros. We inform you that if you are not admitted to the double master, you will not be admitted to the University Master's Degree in Industrial Engineering nor to the Thematic Master's Degree. In this sense, we suggest that if you are interested in studying a Master at the School, you should also pre-register for another Master's degree, since the resolutions of both the double Master's and the single Master's are published in the same dates.

    When making the pre-registration, three speciality options must be chosen. It is important that the first option corresponds to the double master's degree course.

    You can consult the report of double masters of the ETSEIB, approved by the Council of Government of the UPC on October 8, 2021.